​Have a heart, why can CNC machining in China be rectified?

​Have a heart, why can CNC machining in China be rectified

The processing technology used in CNC machining in China is more popular today, and many manufacturers will introduce this type of processing in the processing. For traditional processing technology, CNC processing has good performance of processed products, many types of processed products, and process comparison It is simple, and it takes less time, manpower and material resources. Pay attention to the quality of the workpiece in the process of processing the workpiece, and operate the processing process correctly.

For CNC machining in China, it is necessary to pay attention to the excessive margin on the top surface of the workpiece, and use a large knife to manually remove the margin. Remember not to deepen the gong; the important thing for machining is the first cut. https://glovepuppetry.com/Careful operation and verification can be used to know the length of the tool. Whether the tool radius compensation, program, speed, etc. are wrong, to avoid damaging the workpiece, tool and machine tool; try cutting at a suitable height, and use your eyes to feel whether it is correct, etc.
CNC machining in China
Precautions for correcting and aligning workpieces in CNC machining in China

When the workpiece is scored, it shall be scored twice for verification.

Pay attention to the verticality of the workpiece when dragging the table, drag one side flat, and then drag the vertical side.

The zero input of the workpiece center should be the same as the three-axis center of the workstation computer chart.

After the number of hits, the center should be checked according to the outline dimensions provided in the procedure sheet and the dimensions on the part drawing.https://berylliumcopper.cn/

All workpieces are centered by the centering method, and the zero position must be centered by the centering method on the side of the workpiece and then moved to the side to ensure that the margins on both sides are the same. In special circumstances, when the number is taken unilaterally, it must be confirmed by the production team again before it can be passed. After taking the count on one side, remember to compensate the radius of the center bar.