​Precautions when processing non-standard hardware parts

​Precautions when processing non-standard hardware parts

The processing and grinding of non-standard hardware parts must be made in accordance with the specified requirements. https://whatiscasting.com/The quality of hardware parts must be strictly guaranteed. In today’s market, quality is an important factor in product prices, so how to improve products in parts grinding The quality, let’s take a look.

The order of using abrasives for processing non-standard hardware parts

No matter what kind of hardware mold parts are grinding, the grinding abrasive must be used in order, and from large particles to small particles, from coarse abrasives to fine abrasives. And in order to avoid the “relief” phenomenon.
Non-standard hardware parts processing
Pay attention to the correct operation of grinding of different particle sizes

When a professional metal mold parts grinder grinds precision mold parts, when changing the grinding process of the next particle size, the grinding direction will be about 30 degrees with the direction of the last grinding, because this is less likely to occur Scars. If there are scars during the conversion operation, they should be trimmed to remove the pits.https://dog-company.com/

Pay attention to the correct use of abrasives

Non-standard hardware parts processing manufacturers​In order to avoid scratches on the surface of hardware mold parts, only abrasives of the same particle size can be used in the same grinding tool, and the surface of the hardware mold parts must be carefully cleaned before changing the particle size each time to avoid The remaining large-grain abrasives will damage the parts in the next process.