​SMT electronic fixture processing manufacturers talk about machine tool fixtures

​SMT electronic fixture processing manufacturers talk about machine tool fixtures

The machine tool jig made by SMT electronic jig processing manufacturer can stably ensure the processing accuracy of the workpiece, and can ensure the accuracy so that it is not affected by manual technology, so that the processing accuracy of the same batch of products tends to be consistent; less auxiliary time, Increase labor productivity.

It is convenient and fast to use the fixture to clamp the workpiece. The workpiece does not need to be scribed and aligned, which can significantly reduce the auxiliary labor hours; the workpiece advances in the fixture after the workpiece is clamped to increase the rigidity of the workpiece, which can increase the cutting amount; multiple pieces and multiple jobs can be used It is a fixture for clamping the workpiece in position, and high-efficiency clamping organization can be selected to further improve labor productivity.https://feather-coin.com/
SMT electronic fixture processing
SMT electronic jig processing manufacturers can attach different types of fixtures according to the forming movement of the processing machine tool to expand the original process range of the machine tool. For example, install the boring die on the slide of the lathe or the worktable of the radial drilling machine, and then the box parts can be boring.

The use of machine tool fixtures has the following advantages:

It can be correct without scribing before processing. Quickly install the workpiece to the relative demand position of the tool relative to the tool, thus simplifying the processing procedures and greatly shortening the single-piece machining time.

Prevent workers’ errors in positioning and affect processing accuracy;https://electriccigaretterollingmachine.com/

Give full play to the potential of the existing equipment to complete complex and difficult processes; to process multiple pieces or to change into new products;

Shorten the auxiliary time and improve the production rate of the machine tool;

Make workers’ work convenient, safe, reduce physical labor, and get accurate work quotas;

SMT electronic jig processing manufacturers can adjust the continuation time of each process and can automate the machine tool, which is convenient for production or assembly of automatic lines;

Shorten the period of understanding the production of new products and shorten the period of preparation.