​What to pay attention to when processing stainless steel parts

​What to pay attention to when processing stainless steel parts

Stainless steel parts processing is very strict for the selection of materials. Materials and processes directly affect the quality and price of the product. During the processing, to ensure the quality of the product, it is necessary to follow the correct process steps for processing.https://dog-supplier.com/

Pay attention to the processing of stainless steel parts:

When loading the material, the material head should be aligned with the chuck hole.

If the bar is curved or rough on the surface, it is not allowed to be processed.
Stainless steel parts processing
When loading and unloading the product chuck, only use your hands to turn the V-belt to drive the spindle to rotate. When processing parts, do not directly drive the machine tool to force it to loosen or tighten.https://diecastingtooling.com/

The internal and external surface quality of the material should be inspected before processing, and there should be no cracks, folds, delamination, scars, ties, hair lines and other defects on the surface.

When stainless steel parts are processed, there should be no carbon steel material in the surrounding area. If there is, the carbon steel parts can be wrapped with rubber to prevent iron from contaminating the stainless steel.

All tools used in processing should meet the requirements, and should be marked with easy-to-identify signs to indicate that it is only used for stainless steel processing.https://www.diecastingcompany.com/

When processing stainless steel parts, do not touch the stainless steel workpieces with your hands or dirty gloves at will. Wear clean labor protection supplies when processing.