4 channel 1Gsample/s USB 3.0 oscilloscope with 240µV of noise

4 channel 1Gsample/s USB 3.0 oscilloscope with 240µV of noise

Resolution is adjustable 8 to 16bit and bandwidth can be limited 150, 100 or 50MHz.

As is usual with PC scopes, sampling rate, number of active channels, bit width and memory depth are all traded in any particular unit so, for example, 1Gsample/s is only available if only one channel is enabled at only 8bit resolution (see table below).

Called Handyscope HS6-1000, there are also 500Msample/s (HS6-500) and 200Msample/s (HS6-200) versions.

To connect more that one of its instruments together, it is equipped with TiePie’s CMI (combining multiple instruments) interface through an HDMI type C connector. “The CMI interface offers the possibility of an 8, 16, 32 or even 128 channel oscilloscope or data recorder with the same sample frequency – with 0ppm deviation – where all channels are measured fully synchronized with sampling rates up to 1Gsample/s and resolutions up to 16bit”, it said.

4 channel 1Gsample/s USB 3.0 oscilloscope with 240µV of noiseThe USB 3.0 interface allows data transfer at 5Gbit/s, or data logger streaming at 200Msample/s (one 8bit channel only). “There are no other USB instruments that can stream faster,” claims the company.

Option ‘S’ adds a number of things including a circuit which checks in real time whether a test probe is in physical and electrical contact with the test subject – branded SureConnect.

Resistance measurement (ranges: 100, 200 and 500Ω) also arrives with Option S.

The 240µVrms noise level is available on the 200mV range with 12bit 50M/s sampling. 90µVrms is available with 16bit, 6.25M/s sampling.

1Mpoint of 8bit memory is shared between the four channels – reducing to 512kpoint at higher resolutions. The ‘XM’ option extends this to 256Mpoint shared for 8bit and 128kpoint shared for higher resolutions.

Processing includes spectrum analysis with 32 million bins.

HS6-1000 HS6-500 HS6-200
8 bit
on one channel 1Gsample/s 500M 200M
on two channels 500M 200M 100M
on three or four channels 200M 100M 50M
12 bit
on one channel 500M 200M 100M
measuring two channels 200M 100M 50M
measuring three or four channels 100M 50M 20M
14 bit 100M 50M 20M
16 bit 6.25 M 3.125M 1.25M

Like sample rates, data logger streaming rates also adjust with scope type, channel count and bit width.

Size is 25 x 170 x 140mm and 500g.

Warranty is two years, which can be extended to five with payment.

The HS6 product page is here