5kV 3 phase PSU for industry

5kV 3 phase PSU for industry

Designed to run from inputs across 180 to 264Vac with full load, the supplies need an earth connection but not, the company emphasises, a neutral connection.

“HPL5K0 offers the performance of a three wire plus earth power supply without the need for a neutral connection, which is often not available in industrial facilities,” it said. “Additionally, the input range removes the need for facility upgrades that are often necessary for high power applications.”

There are three version:

  • 60Vdc output (63Vmax) 83.3Amax HPL5K0TS060
  • 100V output (105Vmax) 50Amax HPL5K0TS100
  • 200V output (210Vmax) 25Amax HPL5K0TS200

All peak at 92% efficiency and can operate down to no load.  Both constant voltage and constant current operation is available.

Set-up is over a range of digital interfaces: standard models include PMBus, CANopen and RS485 interfaces. RS485 default is full duplex. RS485 half duplex can be configured via I2C or factory configured on request. Optionally, RS485 can be replaced with RS232 or UART.

A GUI is available for programming and ‘XP PS manager int’ is a USB to RS485 and RS232 communication adapter (which a search on the website is not revealing to me).

For medical applications there is a suffix -M option with 4,000Vac isolation input-to-output and 2x MOPP (with caveats).

All units also have an always-on 5V 2A stand-by output, remote on-off, remote sense and power OK.

Multiple supplies can be connected in series or parallel (with active current sharing) to deliver up to 400V and over 30kW.

Size is 127 x 127 x 330mm.

HPL5K0 series is available from Digi-Key, Distrelec, Farnell, Mouser, RS Components, approved regional distributors or direct from XP Power with a 3-year warranty.

The HPL5K0 data sheet is here