At last, one for the beam makers

At last, one for the beam makers

“With up to 700 lm available at max current, the XP-P enables tighter beam angles and much longer throw distances than any previous XLamp LED. XP-P LEDs are built to last in extreme applications, with high operating temperature limits and excellent sulphur resistance,” according to the company.

Headline figures are:

  • 3A and 11W max
  • 700 lm max
  • 127 lm/W max binned efficacy (at 25°C ANSI)
  • 3.1Vf at 1A
  • 115° viewing angle
  • 150°C max junction
  • 2.3°C/W resistance

At last, one for the beam makersForward voltage is oddly all specified at 25°C. Typical values are 3.1V at 1A (3.5V max), 3.25A at 1.5A, 3.37V at 2A and 3.58V at 3A.

Colour bins are all at the cold end: 5,000 (described as ‘neutral’), 5,700, 6,000, 6,500 or 7,000K.

Then there are three flux bins, binned at 1A: 360 – 380, 380 – 400 or 400 – 420 lm.

Applications are envisaged where high intensity is needed: aftermarket automotive, professional portable, architectural and entertainment.

Australian distributor Cutter bought these to the attention of Electronics Weekly, and provided the comparison diagram.