Attention | The Cyberspace Administration of the People’s Republic of China deploys and promotes the “Special Rectification Action for Chaos in the Operation of Internet User Accounts”

In order to effectively solve the outstanding problems in account operation, the Cyberspace Administration of China convened a national video work conference on October 18 on the “Special Rectification Action for Chaos in the Operation of Internet User Accounts” to make special arrangements for related work. Sheng Ronghua, deputy director of the Central Cyberspace Administration of China and deputy director of the State Cyberspace Administration of China, attended and delivered a speech.

The meeting pointed out that since the beginning of this year, the network information system has conscientiously implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important thinking on strengthening the country through the Internet, and has carried out a series of special rectifications of “clear” in response to the outstanding problems that are highly concerned by all sectors of society and strongly reflected by the people, and strive to solve problems affecting the clearness of cyberspace. The intractable and chronic diseases of ecology have achieved positive results. The special rectification action for account operation chaos is an important part of the “Qinglang” series of special rectifications. It will adhere to problem-oriented and effect-oriented, and will focus on instant messaging, news, forums and communities, webcasts, knowledge quizzes, life services, e-commerce, and online video. Centralized rectification of account chaos on various website platforms such as online games and online games.

The meeting emphasized that special rectification actions should pay close attention to five types of account operating chaos: First, the “reincarnation” of illegal and illegal accounts. Strengthen account registration management, and strictly prohibit accounts that have been closed in accordance with the contract from re-registering with the same name, similar name and other related names. Second, Internet user account name information violates laws and regulations. Resolutely dispose of accounts with names, nicknames, avatars, profiles, and covers that contain information that violates laws and regulations, and accounts that fake and imitate the names and logos of organizations such as party, government, and military agencies, enterprises, institutions, and news media to mislead the public with falsehoods. Accounts with professional qualifications in the fields of medical and health care, justice, etc. that are still engaged in the production of information content in the professional field. The third is fake fans of online celebrity accounts. Strictly control the abnormal growth of online celebrity accounts, comprehensively clean up “zombie” fans and machine fans, vigorously crack down on unnatural fan growth through hiring navy and other methods, and regularly clean up “zombie” accounts. Fourth, malicious marketing of Internet user accounts. Strictly deal with accounts that use social current affairs to “sneak hot spots” and publish “title party” articles to incite the emotions of netizens; live broadcast and anchor accounts that spread vulgar, vulgar and kitsch content; hype star gossip and other pan-entertainment information, causing netizens to attack each other. Accounts; accounts that distort and interpret national policies in the name of knowledge dissemination and interfere with public perception; navy accounts that “rhythmically” manipulate comments and interfere with the presentation of real public opinion. Fifth, rent and sell online game accounts to minors. Strictly enforce the real-name registration and registration requirements for online game accounts, and clean up the rental and sale transactions of online game accounts provided to minors. In addition, government affairs accounts that cannot be cancelled due to institutional adjustments and other reasons will also be dealt with centrally.

The meeting requested that special rectification actions should strengthen overall planning and coordination. By further strengthening the dynamic supervision of the entire process of account registration, use and management, urging the website platform to strictly implement the main responsibility, guiding the account main body to standardize the account operation behavior, and create a clear cyberspace.

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