Automotive logic level shifter is automatically bi-directional

Automotive logic level shifter is automatically bi-directional

Its B and A ports are designed to track two different power supply rails (VccB and VccA).

“Flexibility is maximised because VccA can be set to a value that is independent and either greater than or less than the VccB supply,” according to the company.

Port A is for 0.9 to 2.0V logic, while Port B is for 1.65 to 3.6V logic. Supply needs can vary across 0.1 to 30µA depending on several factors.

Called PI4ULS3V304AQ the IC is rated for 140Mbit/s transfer and up to 100pF can be driven. “PI4ULS3V304AQ has high output current capability, which allows the translator to drive high capacitive loads such as most high frequency EMI filters,” said Diodes.

If a particular pin is set as an output, and the external circuits needs this to switch to an input, the externals circuit needs to be able to drive 3mA into (or out of) the pin momentarily – internal one-shot circuits are used to detect the rising and falling of pin signals. These one-shots also decrease the transition time of pins used as outputs.

An output enable pin is available to put the I/O ports into a high-impedance state.

Operation is over -40 to +125°C.

Aside from automotive use, applications are foreseen in mobile phones, PDAs and other portable devices.

device One
Channels package
PI4ULS5V108Q 0.95-3.3V 1.8-5V 100MHz 2.2ns 8 TSSOP-20
PI4ULS5V202Q 1.2-5.5 1.2-5.5 20Mb/s 20 2 MSOP-8
PI4ULS3V304AQ 0.9-2.0 1.65-3.6 140MHz 3 4 U-QFN1720- 12