Brushed motor driver offers high driving efficiency

Maxim Integrated MAX22201 3.5A Brushed Motor Driver, available now from Mouser, features low impedance FETs with a typical 0.3Ohm RON that results in high driving efficiency. This brushed motor driver operates at 36V supply voltage and -40C to 125C operating temperature range. The peak current rating of 3.5A is limited by the OCP threshold. This peak current is the maximum current the driver can give for short transients.

The motor driver also features a non-dissipative and accurate Integrated Current Sensing and an embedded internal Current Drive Regulation circuit. This motor driver IC is housed in a tiny TDFN12 package with 3mm x 3mm dimensions.

The IC provides a user-configurable off time that can be set by connecting an external Resistor to the ROFF pin. Applications for the driver include brushed DC motor drive, stepper motor drive (one phase only), and latched valves and solenoids.