Can I Make Chocolate In A Silicone Chocolate Mold?

Can I make chocolate in silicone mold?Silicone chocolate mold is features in reusable, soft, pliable, flexible & durable, anti stick. It can  work well for chocolate DIY.As a silicone products manufacturer, Weishun manufacture silicone molds designed for making chocolate and sell them to home and abroad.We have several 100% silicone chocolate mold tray in funny shapes.1.Silicone Mold Plants vs. Zombies ThemeSize: 21.5*11.2*1.4cmWeight: 77 g100% silica gelA silicone material mold with 10 different shapes cavity can be used to make chocolate, hard candy or baked biscuit.
2.Silicone chocolate tray in fruit shapesSize:22.5 * 11 * 2 cmWeight:75 gAvailable color: Customized color3.Sea Animal Silicone Mold(8 holes)
This mold have 8 sea animal shape cavities.  You can use it to DIY funny animal shape chocolate or mini cakes.We select raw material supplier who can provide FDA, LFGB, CE certifications of silicone. And silicone molds produced by Weishun are made of fodd grade silicone rubber(FDA standard silicone). FDA silicone chocolate mold doesn't contains BPA and has a smooth flawless surface. In addition, silicone is regard as an inert material will not release toxic substance in low temperrature as well as high temperature. So it is safe to put silicone chocolate mold filled with melted chocolate in the refrigerator.If you need silicone molds which can pass LFGB or FDA test. Maybe Weishun can help you.

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