Four factors affecting the cutting accuracy of CNC laser cutting machine

Metal fiber laser Cutting Machine is completed by using high power density energy generated after laser focusing. Four factors affecting the cutting accuracy of CNC laser cutting machines: 1. The thickness of the laser agglutination of the laser generator. If the light spot is very small after assembly, the cutting accuracy is very high. If the gap […]

Why does fiber metal laser cutter have dominated power

Why does fiber metal laser cutter have dominated power Why does metal laser cutter have dominated power? In general, metal laser cutter is applied for less than 20mm steel plate, less than 10mm stainless steel and acrylic, wood and other non-metallic materials. When laser cutter working, there is no cutting force and distortion; no tool […]

In 2021, the most noteworthy emerging technology rankings are released. What is the 3D printing ranking?

The latest report of Lux Research lists 3D Printing as one of the 12 emerging technologies worthy of attention in 2021. In the past few years, 3D printing has been on the annual list, and as its capabilities expand, it will continue to promote innovation, interest and investment. Lux’s annual report points out the top […]

Superb, overweening: Interpretation of Powerful laser processing

Superb, overweening: Interpretation of Powerful laser processing The beginning of interpretation of Powerful laser processing is the time when Einstein proposed “stimulated emission” theory. Even today, the technical theory of interaction between light and matter had a profound impact on the past nearly 100-year laser technology history and will be the based support for the […]

New type 1080 Laser Cutting Machine on sale now!

New type laser cutting model 1080 has much more advanced functions than before:# Laser Power: 100W. # Laser Tube: W2 Reci Sealed CO2 glass Tube. # Working Table Size: 39 × 31 inches (1000 × 800 mm). # Control System: Ruida Control system, support muti-languages # Working Table: Honeycomb. # Z-Axis Movement: Electric control. # […]

Advantages of LXSHOW fiber laser cutting machine

Advantages of machine fiber laser cutting: 1530 fiber laser Cutting Machine can obtain better cutting quality because of the small laser spot, high energy density and fast cutting speed. The cutting slit of the laser cutting machine fiber 2kw is very thin and narrow, the two sides are parallel and perpendicular to the surface, and the dimensional accuracy […]

Artist who uses light as pen, steel as paper, laser cutting machine

Fiber laser Cutting Machine 1000w is widely used in sheet metal processing, automobile manufacturing, construction machinery and other industries. It is an efficient processing tool that turns various metal plates into parts required for production in various industries. Metal becomes beautiful crafts There are two fields where art and industry seem to be far apart, but […]

Shipment news

On Monday, 12th, August, due to the typhoon, our city has strong winds and heavy rain. Our Workers are affected to a certain extent, but according to the production orders under the Ministry of Foreign Trade, in order not to affect the customer’s use, to ensure smooth delivery, the workshop technicians work overtime to catch up with the machine.The […]

Fiber laser cutting machine daily maintenance precautions

Daily maintenance and precautions for fiber laser cutting machines such as high-powered heavy equipment is too important, because a fiber laser Cutting Machine less than tens of thousands of dollars more than hundreds of thousands of dollars, its performance has a direct impact on business productivity, while also minimizing costs. The following follow China cut to understand […]

Advantages of 3015 fiber cnc laser cutting machine in food machinery manufacturing

Most of the food machinery industry in various countries has not developed much. It has continued to be embarrassingly small and scattered, large and not refined. The products cannot compete with a small number of developed food machinery industries. To be invincible in the world market, food production must be mechanized, automated and scaled, freed […]