For a sustainable future, it's time to get behind the US Plastics Pact

We know changes are coming to the U.S. plastics packaging market. That’s obvious to packaging sector experts. And that’s the biggest reason for the U.S. plastics industry to support the U.S. Plastics Pact.On June 15, the U.S. Plastics Pact unveiled its “Roadmap to 2025,” a national strategy to ensure all Plastic packaging will be reusable, […]

Oven Mitt Silicone, Does It Suits For Home Cooking?

Does silicone oven mitts suits for home cooking? Can it work well in heat insulation?When considering how to choose the perfect oven mitt, what will appear in your mind? Generally speaking, material of gloves, touch sense, clean ways are factors may influence your decision.Material: In order to prevent result of burned hands, the material oven […]

Kickstart: Manufacturing and tax policy

ProPublica recently dug into the numbers behind in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act signed into law by President Donald Trump in 2017. Essentially, it notes that some people were able to transfer some of their income from higher-taxed salary rates to corporate profits, which saw tax rates reduced by a bigger margin.I am neither […]

Silica’s application

1> in rubber applications: reinforcement of silicone rubber, fumed silica is the foremost. When adding fumed silica can improve the maximum strength after 40 times, can raise the yield point modulus of around 1O times, elongation, creep properties can be quite significant improvement. 2> sealants and adhesives from the application: used as a thickener and […]

How to divide masks up and down

An extra a rung of masks have a a little bit hard shaft , called the bridge of the nose, this side to , stickers on the nose, wearing can pinch the , it will stick to the nose, ensure the mask sealing ability of disposable masks have pros and cons, darker blue facing out, […]

Kickstart: Will a private equity backer help make fetch happen?

Platinum Equity has had a very acquisitive couple of months.The private equity group, which has owned machinery maker and mold maker Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd. since 2017, just announced it purchased , a rotational molder of high-end cases.And in September, it purchased Texas-based injection molder Petmate, a maker of Plastic kennels and crates for […]

What are the characteristics of surgical masks

Surgical masks are used for basic protection of medical personnel or associated personnel, as well as protection against the spread of blood, body fluids and spatter during invasive operations. The production of medical surgical mask is mainly in the clean environment with a cleanliness level of less than 100,000, which is suitable for operating room […]

Why Use The Silicone Material For The Mask Storage Box

Why Use The silicone Material For The Mask Storage Box? Face mask storage box made of food grade silicone material, Flexible texture, 230 degree High temperature resistance, Wearable and durable. Mask storage case Size: 19*16cm/7.48*6.3in. Mask storage keeper Hanging hole portable, convenient, safe space. The mask storage holder can be boiled and sterilized, it is reusable. […]

what is Injection mold,mold co

what is Injection mold?  Injection mold is known as a mold tool made by mold co, which is utilized to make component in injection machine,  after mould design approved,the Plastic material  (melt material can flow in the mold ) is injected into mold  where the material would be cool down there(there is water channel in the […]