Method of pouring and cleaning of castings

Commonly used pouring methods in investment casting are: 1) There are the following types of thermal gravity casting methods. This is the most widely used form of casting, that is, after the shell is removed from the roaster, it is cast at high temperature. At this time, the metal cools slowly in the mold shell, […]

How the underfeed plastic mold works

The usual underfeed Plastic mold is made up of 3 basic components, namely: the moving half, the floating impressions plate and the feed plate correspondingly. The moving section has the shifting injection mold plate installation, support blocks, backing plate, ejector installation and the pin’s ejection strategy. Thus the moving half in this design is identical […]

Properties and applications of hydrogen containing silicone oil

1. Special raw materials for antifouling and antifouling (liquid a and b) for building ceramics 2. Natural stone, marble, polished brick, building substrate moisture-proof, hydrophobic treatment. 3. The water absorption rate is less than 10%, which meets the national standard. 4, natural and synthetic fiber fabrics, siChina, leather waterproof agents and softeners, such as fabrics […]

Kickstart: How the supply chain may steal Christmas

Don’t worry about the Grinch stealing Christmas this year. According to a report from Bloomberg, toymakers say that shortages of shipping containers, congestion at ports and a lack of truck drivers are the real enemies for Christmas shoppers in 2021.”I’ve been doing this for 43 years and never seen it this bad,” Isaac Larian, founder and CEO […]

Silicone tube feature

Product Features: – High quality silicone as raw material, high elasticity – 0zone/acid/alkali/oil/water/abrasion/tear resistance                  – Durable, anti-aging, non-discoloring, low flammability                         – Eco-friendly, environmental,  non-toxic, odorless                  Product Applications: – Food processing, medical, automobile, electric, electronics industries – Home appliances, drinking water system, construction machines….etc Our  Advantages: 1.Our value massage is” Quality is our culuture” 2.Our […]

Hard Chromium Plating For The Plastics Industry

HARD CHROMIUM PLATING FOR THE PLASTICS INDUSTRY  The purpose of this paper is to fully analyze the relevant technical problems of the electroplater and those of the plastics mold, tool, die and equipment manufacturer in an effort to effect a better appreciation of the intricacies and limitations of hard chromium plating in order that the […]