Qorvo Expands Programmable Power Product Line for Multiple High-Growth Markets

Earlier this year, Qorvo, a leader in RF and wireless connectivity, acquired Active-Semi, a provider of programmable analog power solutions, to enter the power chip market. A few days ago, Qorvo held a press conference in Beijing to officially launch the most powerful new power application controller series PAC55xx on the market. Charles Wong, vice […]

HTC’s next-generation headset project, Project Proton, is revealed, will launch two lightweight XR headsets

While HTC is currently betting its VR future on the Vive Cosmos, it has also been working on a next-generation lightweight headset called “Project Proton,” CEO Yves Maitre said. would be “very, very close to regular glasses”. But judging from the renderings received by foreign media, this statement is controversial, but the device in the […]

Privilege escalation zero-day vulnerability in Windows 10 fixed

In Windows, there was an unpatched security flaw that could allow regular users to escalate local privileges to system privileges, but Microsoft didn’t fully address the flaw at this point, when an unofficial micropatch emerged. The vulnerability (CVE-2021-34484) was originally disclosed in Microsoft’s August update disclosure. At the time, it was classified by researchers as […]

After selling two fabs for $666 million, GF announced an investment of $1.4 billion to expand production in three fabs

For GlobalFoundries, the third largest wafer foundry in the world, it has been a rough few years. Due to too much investment in advanced processes, GF abandoned the investment and research and development of the 7nm process, and the major customer AMD also invested in the embrace of TSMC. At the same time, due to […]

Time-sensitive in-vehicle network with Ethernet AVB technology

[Introduction]Packet-oriented communication across bridged networks has become a global standard. Today, it is used in a wide variety of systems of varying sizes and complexity, such as servers and aircraft, small remote control devices, remote sensors, and many Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Since Ethernet is separated from the physical layer, Ethernet frames or IP […]

Nanxin Semiconductor makes a strong entry into the portable energy storage market

【Introduction】Portable energy storage power supply, also known as outdoor power supply, is a small energy storage device with built-in lithium-ion battery, which can provide a power supply system with stable AC/DC voltage output, with large capacity, high power, safe and portable, etc. Features, its battery capacity is generally 100Wh-2000Wh, equipped with AC input, DC input, […]

India bans 118 Chinese apps again, including chicken-eating mobile games, and Chinese overseas companies “Jedi” cannot “survive”

Even the chicken-eating mobile game has to be blocked. Can’t there be a Chinese App in the 300 million smartphones of the Indian people? Once again, after the Indian army illegally crossed the line, the Indian government announced a mass ban on Chinese apps. On September 2, the Ministry of Information Technology of India issued […]

Solution Analysis: Anlu Technology SF1 Dynamic Picture Display Application Design

[Introduction]Compared with static and single screen Display, eclectic dynamic and carousel screens have stronger expressiveness and visual impact. The ever-increasing resolution and picture quality undoubtedly put forward higher requirements for the Display solution performance of the integrators. In the traditional display technology, the control performance and control scheduling ability of the main control MCU are […]

Is there a secret weapon for making chips?The IC design company that developed its own EDA tools gave the answer

The global semiconductor industry has entered the Red Sea competition, and there are more and more IC design companies, especially in China, the number of companies has shown an explosive growth trend in recent years. In this industry context, competition is becoming more and more intense, and product homogeneity is unavoidable. Taking mobile phones as […]