Current Sources (and Current Sinks) – Understanding the Compliance Voltage Range

/a>/a>How” title=”How”>How to design various types of current sources – constant current, voltage controlled current, AC current, large current, small current, active current source and passive current sink, etc. .It’s impossible to explain all of this in one blog post. However, I can give you some basic background and give you some links to get […]

Hedge funds urge Intel to make a major spin-off: spin off chipmaking to strengthen competitiveness

According to reports, the U.S. hedge fund Third Point wrote to Intel Chairman Omar Ishrak today, urging Intel to seek strategic alternatives, including the separation of chip design and manufacturing tasks. Analysts said that if Third Point’s efforts to demand reform gain support, it could lead to a major restructuring of Intel. Investors have been […]

Protecting operators in hazardous industrial work areas with safety laser scanners

“Most industrial automation facilities are hazardous workplaces. There are certain areas of the workshop where automatic or semi-automatic equipment is in operation, and it is often extremely dangerous for people to enter these areas while such equipment is in use. Hazardous areas may include high-voltage generators, industrial welding machines, heavy-duty pick-and-place machines, robots, and other […]

Design of Oil Pump Condition Monitoring System Based on PLC Lower Computer and Upper Computer

“Enterprise informatization is an important symbol of enterprise modernization, the source of power for enterprise development, and the shortcut and main guarantee for improving enterprise economic efficiency and competitiveness. Enterprise informatization is a long-term arduous and urgent task. The grass-roots units in Shengli Oilfield are widely distributed, and their functions are quite different. How to […]

Can run and fly, Tsinghua has created the world’s first unmanned land-air amphibious vehicle

Recently, the team of Li Jun, a professor at the School of Vehicles and Transportation of Tsinghua University and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, successfully developed the first-generation Tsinghua Lions land-air amphibious autonomous flying vehicle. The full name of the vehicle is a rotary-wing land-air amphibious intelligent flying vehicle, which is the […]

Buck Converter vs. Boost Converter Performance Comparison

“Buck (buck) and boost (boost) converters are staples of the DC-DC non-isolated power conversion industry. They serve very different applications and purposes, so comparisons are rarely thought of and may seem like comparing apples and oranges. However, performance parameters such as accuracy, efficiency, cost, size, and noise are a common denominator and, in fact, the […]

Audio Innovations: New Trends in Automotive, Smart Home and Pro Audio Applications

In the next decade or so, researchers and historians looking back at today’s audio market may describe it as a golden age of innovation. Never before has audio technology developed so rapidly and with such a wide range of applications. Advanced digital technologies are bringing entertainment, information, communication and system control services to homes, businesses, […]