Input protected LNAs with GaN semiconductor technology

Fairview Microwave Inc. offers a new series of LNAs that are ideal for use in electronic defence, radar, space systems, R&D, prototype/proof of concept, ECM, microwave radio, VSAT, SATCOM, and test & measurement applications. This new series of input protected LNAs feature GaN Semiconductor technology which offers robust input power protection. GaN Semiconductors assure state-of-the-art […]

Molex issues price increase notice

According to supply chain, Molex recently issued a price increase notice to its customers, saying that it will increase the price from October 1. Molex said in the notice that the company has tried to optimize operating efficiency to reduce the impact of rising external costs, but it is currently unable to withstand the pressure […]

Q2 shipments of silicon wafers up 12% q-o-q

Q2 2021 silicon wafer shipments grew 12% from the 3,152 million square inches recorded during the same quarter last year. “Demand for silicon continues to see strong growth driven by multiple end-applications,” says SEMI’s Neil Weaver, “the supply of silicon for both 300mm and 200mm applications is tightening as demand continues to outstrip supply.” Silicon […]

Application Design of HPI Interface and PCI Interface Based on VC5402 and PCI2040

“Digital Signal Processor DSP (Digital Signal Processor) is a microprocessor that is especially suitable for digital signal processing. With its fast operation speed and powerful functions, it is more and more widely used in various fields. But in many occasions, it is necessary to connect various peripheral devices of DSP with the computer to realize […]

STMicroelectronics STPS20M60CG-TR

STPS20M60CG-TR #STPS20M60CG-TR STMicroelectronics STPS20M60CG-TR New STPS20M60CG-TR 60V, SILICON, Rectifier DIODE, ROHS COMPLIANT, PLASTIC, D2PAK-3/2; STPS20M60CG-TR , STPS20M60CG-TR pictures, STPS20M60CG-TR price, #STPS20M60CG-TR supplier ——————————————————————- Email: [email protected] [email protected] ——————————————————————- Manufacturer Part Number: STPS20M60CG-TRRohs Code: YesPart Life Cycle Code: ObsoleteIhs Manufacturer: STMICROELECTRONICSPackage Description: ROHS COMPLIANT, PLASTIC, D2PAK-3/2ECCN Code: EAR99HTS Code: 8541.10.00.80Manufacturer: STMicroelectronicsRisk Rank: 5.74Application: EFFICIENCYCase Connection: CATHODEConfiguration: […]

Ultra-high-performance mid-power LEDs for wide range of lighting applications

Luminus Devices MP-3030-120H Ultra-High-Performance Mid-Power LEDs, available now from Mouser, are lighting class solutions created for high-performance general lighting applications. The LEDs allow the development of lighting solutions with maximum efficacy, brightness, and overall quality. The LEDs provide low thermal resistance, high efficacy, and 80, 90, or 95CRI options. The LEDs are compatible with automatic […]

New metal alloy power resistors offer true four-terminal connection

TT Electronics has released the LRMAP4026 series low resistance metal alloy power resistors intended for power supply, motor drive, and battery monitoring applications. This Resistor series offers four-terminal Kelvin precision and high current capacity to all industrial applications, including automotive. As four-terminal Kelvin connections improve accuracy, only a tiny portion of a design’s error budget […]

Colour-control options added to certification program

Additional methods to control the colour output of light sources have been added to the DALI-2 certification program, operated by the DALI Alliance. The certification is created on open, international standards and is focused on device interoperability, backed by independent verification of test results. This leading globally-standardised protocol for digital lighting control allows several alternative […]

The new energy vehicle market has dropped to freezing point. How can car companies seek to survive?

On March 22, affected by the epidemic, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in 2020 fell sharply year-on-year, and the auto market dropped to freezing point. Faced with the status quo, the government has introduced policy interventions to save the market in the short term, but in the long run, it is still […]

Toshiba MG50Q2YS91

#MG50Q2YS91 Toshiba MG50Q2YS91 New 50A/1200V/IGBT/2U, MG50Q2YS91 pictures, MG50Q2YS91 price, #MG50Q2YS91 supplier ——————————————————————- Email: [email protected] [email protected] ——————————————————————- MG50Q2YS91 Description MG50Q2YS91 GTR Module: Silicon N-Channel