2013-09-24 11:23 The rapid development of CNC machinery industry

2013-09-24 11:23The rapid development of CNC machinery industry After years of development, Cnc Engraving Machine has been in stone carving, wood carved furniture, architectural sculpture, Mold engraving advertising industry has been widely used in different industrial users have different needs engraving machine, engraving machine manufacturers followed the direction of sculpture production industry , constantly updated […]

Corporate debt move a watershed for market

Multinationals are set to get equal access to the domestic corporate debt market in a move that’s being hailed as a major breakthrough in the opening of the financial services sector. The decision to allow foreign companies to issue renminbi bonds came out of the recent Sino-US strategic economic dialogue held in Beijing. Many multinationals […]

The difference between single-head cnc router and multi-process cnc router Upload to:08-24 2021

  Let's take a look at the difference between the single-head cnc router and the multi-process cnc router organized by the editor. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.   1. Processing materials: All the multi-heads that can be processed by a single-head woodworking cnc router can be processed, and the processing data of the two […]

France: Renault to provide natural gas trucks for Monoprix delivery experiment

Renault Trucks and its partner PVI (Ponticelli Vehicules Industriels) will provide most of the vehicles to operators working for an experimental logistics scheme in Paris for Monoprix, a major retailer. Renault Trucks and its partner PVI (Ponticelli Vehicules Industriels) will provide most of the vehicles to operators working for an experimental logistics scheme in Paris for Monoprix, […]

Common problems and solutions for tool deep hole machining in CNC machining

Common problems and solutions for deep hole machining in cnc machining:6: The life of the reamer is lowSolution: Select the reamer material according to the processing material, use hard alloy reamer or coating reamer; strictly control the amount of sharpening cutting to avoid burns; often select the cutting fluid according to the processing materials; often […]

Introduce the knowledge and characteristics of servo hydraulic press

The failure characteristics of construction machinery and equipment are different, and different characteristics are applied in different stages of use. (1) The initial failure characteristics of construction machinery. Construction machinery used in the early stage (equivalent to the transition time) failure from high to low (declining curve), the use of the initial failure rate is […]

Embedded Automation Computer speeds system development

Based on 1.4 GHz Intel Pentium/1.0 GHz Celeron processor, Model UNO-2176 supports pre-configured Windows XP Embedded OS and Windows CE 5.0 images with onboard device drivers. Unit includes 512 KB battery back-up SRAM, 2 RS-232 and 4 isolated RS-232/422/485 ports with automatic flow control, 8 channel digital input and 8 channel digital output, two 10/100 […]