The difference between CNC machine tools and traditional machine tools

1. Highly flexible Machining parts on cnc machine tools mainly depends on the processing program, which is different from ordinary machine tools. Manufacturing, replacing many molds and fixtures, does not need to re-adjust the machine tool frequently. Therefore, the cnc machine tool is suitable for the occasions where the processed parts are frequently replaced, that […]

What is the working principle of CNC machine tools?

A cnc machine tool is an automated machine tool equipped with a program control system. The control system can logically process programs with control codes or other symbol instruction rules, and decode them, so that the machine tool can operate the CNC bending machine and process the parts. The machine tool body of a cnc […]

Cleaning method of hydraulic components when repairing servo hydraulic press

   Because of the high precision of the original servo Hydraulic Press, the clearance between the moving parts is small. If impurities or metal are mixed into the installation, it will cause the hydraulic components to wear or jam, and even cause mechanical damage in severe cases. Therefore, before the hydraulic components are installed, it […]

Features of CNC lathe

It is reported that in the new industry exhibition, China’s self-developed intelligent control system for CNC lathes has received great attention. The system integrates information, motion control, electronics, machine tools and other technologies to realize the core functions of CNC lathes such as intelligence, automation and digital management. Humanization meets the diverse needs of customers. […]

2013-06-17 13:34 Engraving machine reliable quality is a prerequisite

2013-06-17 13:34Engraving machine reliable quality is a prerequisite Since last year, affected by the decline in exports, investment slowdown, sluggish domestic demand and other factors, the market demand fell sharply, CNC machinery industry’s overall operating situation is fairly grim, and with the user industry restructuring, product upgrades, the user for CNC engraving machines products and […]

Eight Common Problems of Sheet Metal Press Parts

1. The characteristics of sheet metal press parts Sheet metal press parts have the characteristics of light weight, high strength, electrical conductivity (can be used for electromagnetic shielding), low cost, and good mass production performance. They are widely used in the fields of electronics, communications, automotive industry, and medical equipment. For example, in computer cases, […]

Sheet Metal Processing Materials and Energy Consumption Reduction Measures

Mechanization continues to improve and progress, more machines need to be processed and cut, and sheet metal processing is more extensive. Sheet metal processing includes traditional cutting, blanking, bending and forming, as well as various cold stamping die structures and process parameters, as well as the working principles of various equipment and manipulation methods, including […]

2013-10-17 20:17 CNC engraving machine to enhance work efficiency

2013-10-17 20:17Cnc Engraving Machine to enhance work efficiency Modern society, woodworking engraving machine , stone engraving machine , advertising engraving machine more and more common , and the market demand is constantly increasing , partly because national economic sustainable development , policy support, and downstream industry revitalization factors , in addition to CNC engraving machine […]