CES USA 2022: TCL Electronics and Dispelix Present Key Enabling Technologies for Augmented Reality Glasses

ESPOO, Finland and SHENZHEN, China, Jan. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dispelix and TCL Electronics unveiled their work which leverages FULL COLOR, MicroLED AR solutions to businesses and consumers alike. At this year's CES Show, the companies have partnered to share strengths. TCL Electronics presented their latest smart glasses technology, providing a total solution with small form factor and full vivid color image quality on the thinnest waveguide available.

Dispelix (Finland), the global leader of waveguide Displays, and TCL Electronics, the global electronics provider, co-develop cutting edge solution with customized waveguide and full color microLED, offering smart glasses with Augmented Reality support, which means they can add layers of digital information over the user's vision through the glasses. In early October, TCL Electronics announced its glasses can project navigation routes in front of your eyes making it easier to turn exactly where the map shows without any worries of checking your phone.

The benefits of AR applications affect various industries, from healthcare to manufacturing. PwC estimates that Augmented Reality will add over 1 trillion USD to the global economy by 2030. Lightweight smart glasses will play an important part, but most encounter substantial technical challenges in early development. TCL Electronics and Dispelix waste no time and address such challenges of image resolution, field of view (FoV), power consumption without the need for a big headset or large frameware.

“At this moment, we are proud to announce our state-of-the-art AR glasses. TCL Electronics not only unveils our cinematic and TV innovation, but we're also excited to expand our portfolio utilizing our well-known technology and innovation, together with Dispelix's waveguides”, said Justin Zhang, the R&D director of TCL LEINIAO Innovation.

Dispelix continues to expand breakthroughs and fundamentally change the way waveguide and display technology is designed. “Today, working together with TCL Electronics leveraging their strong innovation and strategy has been an exciting time for us. It's allowed us to execute quickly to fuel the growth of this dynamic market in China and all over the world. We're confident with the performance and made a great hit as expected at CES in Las Vegas, NV”, said Jussi Rahomaki, President Dispelix, USA. “We're pleased to see the successful application of Dispelix in TCL's project. The technology successfully landing in China demonstrates Dispelix's focus and concentration on the Chinese market to achieve efficient and in-depth cooperation & support for key customers”. Said Andy Fan, Dispelix China GM.