China Mobile releases the first RISC-V core MCU chip: the highest frequency is 144MHz

Recently, China Mobile’s professional chip subsidiary, China Mobile Coresun Technology Co., Ltd., released the first MCU microcontroller chip “CM32M4xxR” based on the RISC-V architecture core at the 2021 China Mobile Global Partner Conference.

China Mobile said that, focusing on the localization of IoT chips, China Mobile Xinsheng focused on the RISC-V core, tried the research and development of a variety of chips, and completed the comprehensive performance evaluation of RISC-V, SoC hardware architecture adaptation, and basic tool chain adaptation. , The underlying operating system is transplanted, and a product system of “communication chip + security chip + MCU chip” has been formed.

CM32M4xxR is China Mobile’s first low-power and large-capacity MCU chip based on RISC-V core. It features high performance, high reliability, high security, and low power consumption. It can be widely used in smart door locks, IoT gateways, and interactive panels. , measurement and control terminal, student education, consumer electronics related fields.

It uses a 32-bit RISC-VNucleiN308 core with a maximum operating frequency of 144MHz, supports floating-point operations and DSP instructions, integrates up to 512KB embedded encrypted Flash, 144KBSRAM, and a wealth of high-performance analog function modules and communication interfaces.

Built-in 4 12bit5Mbps ADC analog-to-digital conversion, 2 1Mbps12bitDAC digital-to-analog conversion, 4 independent rail-to-rail operational amplifiers, 7 high-speed comparators, support up to 24-channel capacitive touch buttons.

At the same time, it integrates multi-channel U(S)ART, I2C, SPI, QSPI, CAN and other digital communication interfaces, and has a built-in cryptographic algorithm hardware acceleration engine. The supporting development board is packaged in LQFP128, powered by Micro-USB interface, provides JTAG (hummingbird) debugging interface, and onboard USB serial port, which is convenient for users to use and debug.

Through the supporting function expansion board and software SDK, the function verification of each peripheral of the chip can be quickly performed, helping users to evaluate the chip, verify the software and hardware technical solutions, and reduce the development cost of users.

At present, CM32M4xxR samples, development boards, documentation, and supporting SDKs are all ready, and users can apply at any time.

China Mobile Xinsheng said that in the future, it will continue to closely follow the development trend of 5G and the Internet of Things, carry out ecological layout around the RISC-V architecture, and launch more self-developed chip products.

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