CNC 4-axis machining car parts operating equipment before power-on inspection

CNC 4-axis machining car parts operating equipment before power-on inspection

In order to prevent some unnecessary faults from the CNC system during the use of CNC 4-axis machining parts, the operator of the CNC machine tool should carefully read the relevant operating instructions before operating, and should have a detailed understanding of the functions of the CNC system used, and be proficient in CNC. The effects of the keys, buttons and switches on the system and the machine operation and the precautions for use.
CNC 4-axis machining
1. Check the CNC system before powering on
In order to ensure the normal operation of the numerical control system, when the numerical control machine tool is first commissioned or before the power is turned on after the machine is transferred, the numerical control system can be viewed in the following order:

(1) Confirm whether the specifications of the AC power supply meet the requirements of CNC equipment, mainly check the voltage, frequency and capacity of the AC power supply.

(2) Check carefully whether all the connecting cables between the CNC equipment and the outside world are correctly and reliably connected according to the rules of the connecting skill manual provided. The connection of the CNC 4-axis machining numerical control system refers to the numerical control equipment and its supporting feed and spindle servo drive units. It mainly includes the connection of external cables and the connection of the power supply of the CNC 4-axis machining numerical control system. Before connecting, carefully check the CNC system equipment and MDI/CRT unit, orientation Display unit, paper tape reader, power supply unit, printed circuit boards and servo units, etc. If any problems are found, take measures or replace them in time. At the same time, pay attention to check whether the connecting piece and each printed circuit board in the connection are fastened, whether they are pierced in place, whether each plug is loose, and whether the fastening screws are tightened.

(3) Whether the hardware settings on the various printed circuit boards in the CNC equipment meet the requirements of the CNC equipment. These hardware settings include various shorting bar settings and adjustable potentiometers.

(4) Carefully check the maintenance grounding wire of CNC 4-axis CNC machine tools. The CNC machine tool must have an outstanding ground wire to ensure equipment and personal safety and reduce electrical disturbance. The maintenance ground wire must be connected between the servo unit, the servo transformer and the strong electric cabinet. As long as the above items are checked and confirmed, the CNC 4-axis machining equipment can be energized and operated.