Complete power and functional safety solution for ADAS camera systems

Renesas Electronics Corporation offers a new power and functional safety solution for systems based on the R-Car V3H SoC for ADAS automotive front cameras and driver monitor cameras.

The new solution comprises the RAA271050, a 42V synchronous buck ‘pre-regulator’ that takes the vehicle’s 12V supply and steps it down to an intermediate supply voltage of 3.3V or 5V. The RAA271000, a seven-channel PMIC, then takes the RAA271050’s output and steps it down further to the multiple supply voltages required by R-Car V3H and its peripherals such as LPDDR4 memory. Both devices were produced per the ISO-26262 standard and can support system safety demands up to ASIL D. The solution answers all the power and functional safety demands for the R-Car V3H. It offers supply voltages with the current capability to satisfy all power specifications, including voltage accuracy, sequence, and load step response. For safety, it gives all the required power and digital monitoring functions.

The new solution offers best-in-class efficiency, with power loss reductions of up to 33% compared to competitive PMICs under similar operating conditions. Lower power loss allows operation at higher temperatures, decreasing cooling costs and achieving better reliability. Furthermore, the devices were created to match R-Car requirements with no unnecessary overhead, lessening component cost and pcb area. The company offers a reference hardware solution that incorporates the new components, speeding design time and decreasing testing demands for customers.

“This new power and functional safety solution showcases our power design expertise to offer R-Car V3H customers significant cost savings,” said Niall Lyne, vice president of Renesas’ Automotive Analog Power and Video Business Division. “And we’re delivering a complete, tested design that enables designers to implement the latest in ADAS camera applications quickly and efficiently.”