Deeply cultivating industrial automation, AsiaInfo launched a new generation of small package EtherCAT slave dedicated communication SoC

In response to the strong demand for global smart production automation, ASIX Electronics Corporation launched the first EtherCAT slave control chip in Greater China “AX58100 2/3 Port EtherCAT Slave Controller” in 2018. In order to provide customers with a more complete and simple design, cost-effective industrial automation EtherCAT slave solution, AsiaInfo today launched a new generation of small package and integrated two Fast Ethernet PHY EtherCAT slave dedicated communication SoC solution-AX58200 2/ 3-port EtherCAT slave dedicated communication SoC.

AX58200 uses ARM Cortex-M4F microcontroller as the core, built-in 512K bytes of dual bank (Dual Bank) Flash memory can be used to support OTA (Over-The-Air) firmware upgrades, built-in 160K bytes of SRAM, including 32K bytes Cache can be used to support external SPI Flash in-chip execution (XIP, eXecute-In-Place). Before leaving the factory, the bootloader can be pre-burned to support the Secure Boot function, which can check the integrity of the code stored in the built-in Flash memory, and integrate 4K bytes of secure protection storage space (Secure Protection ROM), which can be used to store confidential programs or material. Built-in one-time programming ROM (OTP ROM), which can be used to control the product life cycle. Support various communication interfaces such as 10/100 Mbps Ethernet MAC with RMII interface and hardware encryption engine, fast USB OTG and SPI/UART/I2C/I2S/CAN/PWM.

AX58200 EtherCAT Slave Controller (ESC) integrates two Fast Ethernet PHYs that can support both optical fiber and copper wire network applications, and can be connected to all systems that support standard EtherCAT protocols (such as CoE/FoE/VoE, etc.) . AX58200 ESC supports 9K bytes of RAM, 8 fieldbus memory management units (FMMUs), 8 synchronization managers, 64-bit distributed clock, and can be applied to various real-time industrial automation control product applications, such as motor/motion control, digital I/O control, sensor data acquisition, robot shaft control, EtherCAT IO-Link master station, etc.

The AX58200 uses a 144-pin HSFBGA small package size of 10×10 mm, 0.8 mm pitch, RoHS-compliant, and supports industrial-grade operating temperatures of -40 to 85°C or -40 to 105°C.

(Picture 1) AsiaInfo’s new generation of small package EtherCAT slave dedicated communication SoC-AX58200

AsiaInfo provides the AX58200 evaluation board and free development board support kit (BSP), including reference circuit diagrams, printed circuit board wiring diagrams, software/hardware development and design related technical documents and user manuals, product design related software, etc. AsiaInfo has the best technical team to provide customers with the most professional and timely technical services. If you need more information about AsiaInfo products, please contact [email protected] via email, or visit AsiaInfo’s website

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