Dialogue with the head of Audi China R&D: Huawei’s autonomous driving solution may be adopted

During the Shanghai Auto Show, Su Qing, president of Huawei’s intelligent driving product line, also said in an interview with the media that a major European brand has signed a contract with Huawei to install Huawei’s ADS system on the latter’s domestic models. However, Su Qing did not specify which car company it was.

Coincidentally, at the Shanghai Auto Show, we just saw that Huawei was using the Audi A6 model to test the ADS system. Considering that Huawei mostly uses the vehicles of target customers in testing ADS, it is inferred that Audi may be “a major European factory” in Su Qing’s mouth.

The media asked Hoffman at the scene whether to consider adopting Huawei’s autonomous driving solution. “Huawei could be Audi’s autonomous driving partner,” Hoffman said with a smile, without giving further details.

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