Domestic EDA company Huada Jiutian has completed its listing counseling work

According to the Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau, CITIC Securities released a summary report on Beijing Huada Jiutian Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huada Jiutian”) on the initial public offering of shares and guidance on listing on the ChiNext, according to the Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau.

According to reports, on January 13, 2021, CITIC Securities signed a counseling agreement with Huada Jiutian, accepting the commission of Huada Jiutian as the counseling agency for its initial public offering and listing.

CITIC Securities has completed the nine-day listing counseling work for Huada in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations, the provisions of the counseling agreement, and the counseling plan and implementation plan formulated by the counseling working group.

The CITIC Securities Counseling Working Group conducted a comprehensive and prudential assessment of Huada Jiutian, and believes that Huada Jiutian has the basic conditions for issuing and listing.

The counseling team will continue to work with King & Wood Mallesons and Daxin Accountants to assist Huada Jiutian in various preparations for the company’s initial public offering and listing on the GEM.

According to the report, BGI Jiutian has developed rapidly in recent years and its revenue has increased significantly. The fund-raising investment projects of this IPO project are circuit simulation and digital analysis optimization EDA tool upgrade project, analog design and verification EDA tool upgrade project, EDA tool development project for specific types of chip design, digital design synthesis and verification EDA tool development project And supplement working capital.

According to data, BGI was established in 2009 and is committed to providing one-stop EDA and related services to the semiconductor industry. It is currently the largest EDA leading enterprise in China with the strongest technical strength.

In terms of EDA, BGI can provide analog/digital-analog hybrid IC design full-process solutions, digital SoC IC design and optimization solutions, dedicated EDA tools for wafer manufacturing, and flat-panel Display (FPD) design full-process solutions. A world-leading technology that is uniquely created. Related services provided around EDA include wafer manufacturing engineering services and design support services, among which wafer manufacturing engineering services include PDK development, model extraction, and yield improvement big data analysis.

Founded in 2009, Huada Jiutian is a company invested and established by China Huada Integrated Circuit Design Group Co., Ltd. and SDIC High-Tech Investment Co., Ltd., which specializes in EDA software development and services. EDA (Electronic Design Automation) is a kind of software used to design chips and is known as the “mother of chips.” In the current domestic EDA industry, BGI is the first company to choose to be listed on the ChiNext.

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