Efinix expands Titanium FPGA product line

Efinix expands Titanium FPGA product line

Efinix expands Titanium FPGA product line

Efinix, a specialist in programmable product platforms and technology, has announced the expansion of its Titanium product line to include devices up to 1M logic elements (LEs).

By expanding the product portfolio Efinix said that it would be able to unlock the potential of its Titanium family by making high-performance, high-capacity FPGA devices available to the cost and power sensitive mainstream market.

“Since receiving first silicon last year we have seen tremendous demand for Titanium devices and have built a large backlog of development kits and samples,” said Sammy Cheung, Efinix co-founder, CEO and president. “We continue to build upon that momentum and are on track to enter production with several additional Titanium family members as we strive to deliver the promise of high-performance FPGA technology to the global market.”

Titanium FPGAs offer improved power, performance, and area (PPA) advantages over traditional FPGA technologies, according to the company, and have been able to demonstrate power reductions of up to 70 percent. Titanium devices look to address requirements in high-volume, mainstream markets by delivering the density, flexibility, and performance previously associated with expensive, high-end FPGAs.

“Efinix technology is truly disruptive,” said Rich Sevcik, Efinix board member. “As compute requirements at the edge continue to explode, Titanium FPGAs promise to displace ASICs by offering reprogrammable flexibility with low power and at a performance point previously found only in high-end and prohibitively expensive FPGAs.”

The Titanium family ranges from devices with 35K to 1M LEs. Their PPA finds applications in markets ranging from consumer and edge compute to industrial automation, communications and automotive. Hardened features such as high-speed SERDES, security blocks, and MIPI interfaces ensure that these devices are able to meet the stringent requirements associated with their target markets.

“The exponential growth of connected devices has increased the need for security to protect users’ data and prevent malicious attacks,” said Mark Oliver, Efinix’s VP of marketing. “Titanium devices come with public key authentication and encryption capabilities, which ensures that only trusted bitstreams can configure the devices and user data is encrypted.”