Embedded Processors and Controllers

Embedded Processors and Controllers

Embedded Processors and Controllers

Integrated circuits designed to perform a wide variety of functions

Embedded Processors and Controllers are integrated circuits that incorporate many of the functions that a central processing unit performs. These components are the backbone of any embedded system since they allow to perform any operation that is necessary for a determined application in the field.

CPLDs – Complex Programming Logic Devices

Integrated circuits containing many programmable AND/OR arrays and macrocells

A complex programmable logic device (CPLD) is an integrated circuit with programmable AND/OR arrays and macrocells. Macrocells contain complex logic operations and logic for implementing disjunctive normal form expressions.

DSPs – Digital Signal Processors

Integrated circuits optimized for digital signal processing

A Digital Signal Processor is an integrated circuit designed specially for the purpose of digitally processing real world analog signals. They are used to measure, filter, and compress these types of signals.

FPGAs – Field Programmable Gate Arrays

Integrated circuits designed to be programmed after manufacturing

A FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) is an integrated circuit designed to be programmed by the customer or a designer after it is manufactured. It consists of many programmable logic blocks which can be used to perform complex combinational functions.


Integrated circuits designed to perform a specific task in an application

A Microcontroller is a computer encapsulated in an integrated circuit which can be programmed to perform a specific task in an embedded system. It contains memory, a processor, I/Os, and an assortment of peripherals.


Integrated circuits with a built in central processing unit

A Microprocessor is a multipurpose, clock driven, register based computer processor. They receive binary type inputs and are programmed to follow a set of instructions that are stored in its memory when the microprocessor is powered up.

Single Board Computers (SBCs)

A computer built onto a single circuit board

A Single Board Computer is a computer that is built using only one circuit board. This board has everything that is necessary for a computer to perform its functions like memory, microprocessors, I/Os and peripherals.