Engineering adhesives with anaerobic range for electronics manufacturing

Bostik offers a new range of high-performance anaerobic adhesives to its Born2Bond range designed for bonding in the electronics manufacturing sector.

The range gives engineers a more reliable, cost-effective, and convenient alternative to commonly used mechanical fastening solutions such as washers, pins, gaskets, hemps and tapes.

An extension of its Born2Bond portfolio includes instant adhesives, light cure adhesives, UV-CIPG gasketing, high-performance HM-PUR adhesives, and more – the new range has been created particularly to address challenges engineers face with frequently demanding environmental and safety regulations, smaller and more intricate designs, and more adaptable and faster processes.

The range is designed for ‘by-the-dot’ metal-to-metal bonding and comprises products intended to offer heat resistance (up to 230C, depending on product and category). They also provide single-component, non-solvent-based and multiple-strength/viscosity alternatives to thread-locking, gasketing, pipe sealing, and retaining (bonding solutions for cylindrical assemblies that are highly resistant to dynamic loads).

Polivio Goncalves, Bostik’s global head for Engineering Adhesives, says the range offers a solution for when failure is not an option: “They provide 100% surface-to-surface contact and exceptional resistance to wear and tear,” he says.

This provides the strength and reliability required within critical bonding solutions while also meeting today’s more demanding environmental and health and safety regulations. The time has come to move away from mechanical bonding solutions.”

Service products are available within this adhesive range, including a Born2Bond Pre-Bonding Cleaner that leaves no residue, Adhesive and Gasket Remover that produces results within just 15 minutes, and a fast-evaporating Anaerobic Activator to speed up anaerobic adhesives curing.