Excellent supplier of Dongguan PTJ precision parts processing

Excellent supplier of Dongguan PTJ precision parts processing

Before people knew about Industry 4.0, Dongguan PTJ Precision Parts Co., Ltd., in the field of precision machining, had long been working hard to provide automated solutions for customers in mold and precision parts manufacturing. The previous demand started from the domestic market, from stand-alone automation to small automated manufacturing cells to linear automation systems. Nowadays, precision parts processing solutions are facing the ever-changing needs of customers, https://sheetmetal.top/and are committed to providing more perfect solutions for future intelligent manufacturing.

PTJ has accumulated many years of processing technology and experience in the field of precision mold processing, equipped with modern high-precision processing equipment, and equipped with high-precision measurement and inspection equipment to check product quality.
In a spacious, clean, and orderly factory, all processes must be reliable in speed, precision and accuracy, so as to achieve the service quality promised by Centron to customers, and to provide customers with products far beyond their competitors.

PTJ precision parts processing has invested huge capital, manpower, and material resources in the fields of CNC machining equipment and process technology. The achievements it has achieved are undoubtedly one of the representatives of the rapid growth of Dongguan’s precision machinery parts processing industry in recent years. PTJ insists on innovation, strengthens the processing of precision parts, and achieves rapid development.
PTJ precision parts processing
From a geographical point of view, Dongguan PTJ is located in a high-tech zone and an industrial zone is a gathering place for precision processing enterprises. From the perspective of technology and equipment, PTJ can perform three-axis/four-axis/five-axis CNC machining, lathe processing, turning-milling combined processing, stamping processing, fixture processing, etc. It has hundreds of CNC equipment and advanced brand equipment. The factory has been established for more than 10 years and has completed international quality system certification, even high-tech enterprise certification.

From the perspective of customer groups, PTJ customers cover all provinces and cities in the country, covering aerospace, mechanical equipment, engineering machinery, medical equipment, electronic instruments, measuring instruments, automotive industry, home appliances, metal products and other fields. Is an excellent supplier of precision parts processing.

In terms of output value, PTJ has an annual output value of more than several million yuan and has a production capacity of 1 million pieces. It not only has the strength of mass production and many years of process technology accumulation, but also has its own innovative solutions. It seems that they are all precision parts processing, but PTJ companies have their own business areas that are good at, and have a profound impact on social development.