Expanded range of smallest photocouplers

Renesas Electronics Corporation has extended its family of 8.2mm creepage photocouplers with three new devices created for operation in harsh industrial automation equipment, solar Inverter, and EV charger operating conditions. Measuring only 2.5mm x 2.1mm in an LSSO5 package, it is claimed to be the world’s smallest optical isolated IGBT drivers and intelligent power module driver, reducing PCB mounting areas by up to 35% compared with other devices on the market.

“Industrial equipment and green energy system manufacturers are currently facing two core challenges: Equipment needs to get smaller, requiring downsizing for factory floor efficiency and higher functionality equipment within the same board size, while at the same time, safety standards are getting stricter,” said Philip Chesley, vice president, Industrial and Communications Business Division at Renesas. “Our expanded portfolio of small isolation devices offers customers greater layout flexibility with more options to enable longer secured creepage distance for high-voltage inverter control applications.”

The new RV1S9231A 2.5A output and RV1S9207A 0.6A output IGBT drivers and RV1S9209A active high output IPM driver are supplied in low-profile LSSO5 packages with a 0.65mm pin pitch, providing 5,000Vrms isolation voltage, and support high-temperature operation up to 125C to resist the harsh operating environments. The photocoupler trio also supports 200V and 400V systems with reinforced insulation to satisfy stringent industrial safety standards, adhering to the strict UL61800-5-1 standards for motor drive equipment.

The company has identified and produced a system architecture for multiple applications where this family of products adds real value to the system. For instance, a new AC Drives/GP Inverters ‘Winning Combination’ featuring the RV1S92xxA family of products allows customers to downsize their industrial equipment and inverter systems that meet UL61800-5-1 standard. The Winning Combinations are vetted system architectures made from mutually compatible devices that work together seamlessly. The company provides over 200 Winning Combinations for an extensive range of applications and end products.