Four-channel linear redrivers support PCIe 4.0 and other interfaces

Texas Instruments DS160PR421 4-Channel Linear Redrivers, available now from Mouser, are supplied with an integrated mux. The low-power, high-performance linear redriver is intended to support PCIe 4.0 and other interfaces. The receivers deploy CTLE to give a high-frequency boost. The equaliser can open an input eye that is fully closed due to ISI induced by an interconnect medium, such as PCB traces and cables.

The linear redriver, along with the passive channel, as a whole, get link trained for the best transmit and receive equalisation settings producing the best electrical link and lowest possible latency. Low channel-channel cross-talk, low additive jitter, and superior return loss enable the device to become nearly a passive element in the link. The device has an internal linear voltage regulator to give a clean power supply for high-speed data paths that offers high immunity to any supply noise on the board. The device implements high-speed testing through production for reliable high-volume manufacturing. The device also offers low AC and DC gain variation, giving consistent equalisation in high volume platform deployment.

Typical application areas include desktop PC/motherboards, rack servers, microserver and tower servers, high-performance computing, hardware accelerators, network-attached storages, SAN and HBA cards, and NICs.