Four-channel low noise USB 3.0 oscilloscope packed with technology

TiePie Engineering has launched the Handyscope HS6, a USB 3.0 oscilloscope packed with technology. This new four-channel high-resolution, low noise oscilloscope is offered in models with 200MSa/s up to 1GSa/s sampling rate, with several features that are unique to the company.

The device has a flexible resolution that can be set from 8-bit to 16-bit, enabling it to perform high-resolution measurements. With its high accuracy (0.25%) and low noise (240µVRMS), measured signals are presented with high fidelity.

The device features the company’s unique CMI interface. It supports connecting more HS6’s to form an instrument with multiple measuring channels with the same sample frequency (0ppm deviation!).

The user can easily expand the number of channels with no change to software, difficult software settings or buying expensive hardware.

Also unique is the SureConnect connection test option. At the same time, measuring, the revolutionary technology checks in real-time whether a test probe is in physical and electrical contact with the test subject.

This option is the best choice for engineers to perform quick and perfect measurements. The device features a USB 3.0 interface with 5Gb/s data transfer. It provides a fast data transport of 200MSamples per second USB streaming Datalogger. The company claims there are no other USB instruments that can stream faster.