Har-modular sample kit from Harting

Har-modular sample kit from Harting

Part numbered ’02 09 500 0006′, “it has samples of all the available modules which the design engineer can play with”, the company told electronic Weekly.

Exactly what parts come in the kit we do not know, but the available contact modules include:

  • signal modules
    9 pins at a 2Amax/pin
    1 coax contact 50 or 75Ω
  • power modules
    1 pin at 40Amax/pin
    3 pins at 15Amax/pin
    4 pins at 6Amax/pin
  • high-voltage module
    1 pin at 2.8kV 1,5A max

To your choice of the above, to make a connector you have add a pair of connecting rails – the yellow parts in the photo – and a pair of guide pins.

“As a modular principle, in terms of size and architecture, har-modular is based on the DIN 41612 ledges that have been in use for many decades,” said the company. “Instead of relying on a large number of rigid solutions, har-modular now provides a modular system of different modules for the transmission of all vital lifelines by way of a convenient online configurator.”

For an idea of size, the 9 pin signal module is 10.16mm wide (right of photo)

The dev kit product page is here

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