How To Use Carbon Fiber Flippers

How to properly use carbon fiber flippers:1. Before putting on carbon fiber fins, beginners must make sure that their water strokes are completely correct, because wearing fins will mask the wrong actions.2. The beginner’s ability to control his whole body is relatively poor when swimming, and the self-feeling movements are already correct, but they are actually not in place. If the fins are worn at this time to amplify the strength and movements of the legs, the swimmer will swim fast. The swimmer may mistakenly think that his movements are correct, and devote a lot of energy to practice. After removing the fins, he retains the wrong stroke.3. For example, the correct leg kick should be driven by the hip to drive the thigh, calf and foot. But in fact, some swimmers have knees that are too flexed. They bend their knees and press down on their calves. However, because the fins increase the water area and amplify the water, they can also swim quickly. Swimming without fins is much faster. In fact, the swimmer did not realize that the calf was wrong.The flippers provide powerful forward power for swimming and diving. The wide area of ​​the flippers can provide powerful power without having to move your hands to generate power, so that your hands can be freed for other tasks.

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