Huawei’s “5G Best Network” solution fully resolves 3 major pain points

Huawei today held the 2020 New Product Solutions Conference in London. During the period, Peng Song, president of Huawei’s operator BG Marketing and Solution Sales Department, delivered a speech and released the “5G Best Network” solution. Peng Song said that the 5G commercial success of operators should begin with the best 5G network. It should have five capabilities: minimalism, intelligence, ultra-wide, green, and end-to-end AI enablement.


The best 5G network released by Huawei this time includes a series of product solutions such as minimalist RAN, intelligent IP network, ultra-wide transmission network, green connection, and AI-enabled end-to-end 5G service.

Minimal RAN accelerates 5G deployment. Including the industry’s lightest third-generation Massive MIMO, the most integrated BladeAAU and 400MHz ultra-wideband AAU three major product solutions. Dealing with the three major pain points of engineering installation, difficulty in site acquisition, and spectrum fragmentation, help operators quickly deploy 5G. The third-generation Massive MIMO supports 64T64R, which is light in weight and easy to deploy; BladeAAU achieves active and passive integration of all frequency bands below 6GHz, which greatly reduces site acquisition time; Ultra-wideband 400MHz AAU, leading the industry;

Intelligent IP network, the industry’s first to support promiseable SLA. Promote the transformation of IP network from Best-effort to SLA. FlexE flexible slicing supports the industry’s highest 1Gbps slicing accuracy, which is more than 5 times the industry’s capability. Cooperate with NCE, based on SRv6 to realize the promise of delay on the IP network for the first time, and provide minute-level fault location based on iFIT to create a highly available network;

Ultra-wide transmission network, the industry’s first 800G module. Support the industry’s largest single-fiber 48T transmission capacity, which is 40% higher than the industry capacity, and the transmission network truly realizes a smooth evolution for the next 10 years;

Green connection reduces the power consumption of 5G sites. 5G AAU uses highly integrated self-developed chips to reduce power consumption by more than 15%; AI enables PowerStar solutions to achieve multi-standard and multi-band synergy, and the entire network power consumption is further reduced by 15%-20%;

AI enables 5G end-to-end delivery. In this way, AI is introduced into the full life cycle management of 5G to make network planning based on user experience more accurate; network construction is more agile and higher quality; user experience issues are handled faster; user-oriented business marketing is more accurate.

Peng Song said: “The 5G best network released today is just the tip of the iceberg of Huawei’s innovation. Huawei’s continuous investment in basic theories, materials, and algorithms will continue to bring leading product solutions to the industry.”

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