Inductive position sensor targets EV motor control

Microchip Technology Inc. has extended its family of inductive position sensors into the electric-vehicle (EV) motor control market, with the launch of the LX34070 IC. Designed for EV motor control applications, the new position sensor include features that make it functional-safety-ready for ISO 26262 compliance in the Automotive Safety Integrity Level–C (ASIL–C) classification. The LX34070 also is suitable for a range of commercial, industrial, and medical applications.

Inductive position sensor targets EV motor controlThe inductive position sensor is said to enable lighter, smaller and more reliable motor solutions compared to Hall-effect position sensors and older magnetic resolver solutions, eliminating the cost, weight, and size of the magnetics.

The LX34070 provides a 4.5 V to 5.5-V voltage range with a maximum voltage up to 18 V. The extended operating temperature range is -40°C to 160°C. Calibration can be done via VIN signal or GPIO digital signal pins. In addition to ASIL-C compliance, the position sensor provides AEC-Q100 certification to grade 0.

The LX34070 inductive position sensor offers several advantages compared to magnetic resolvers and linear voltage differential transducers (LVDTs), at a fraction of the cost, said Microchip.

By using PCB traces rather than transformer-based magnetic windings and coil structures, the LX34070 device has significantly smaller size and weight compared to alternative solutions that can weigh as much as a pound, explained the company. In addition, the LX34070 offers higher accuracy because it does not depend on magnet strength and improves device robustness by actively rejecting stray magnetic fields.

The LX34070 can be paired with other functional-safety-ready Microchip 8-bit AVR and PIC microcontrollers, 32-bit microcontrollers, and dsPIC digital signal controllers to further streamline EV motor control designs, said Fanie Duvenhage, vice president of Microchip’s mixed signal and linear analog business unit.

The LX34070 inductive position sensor, housed in a 14-pin TSSOP package, can be purchased now via a Microchip sales representative or purchasing website, and authorized worldwide distributors. The company also offers a full range of functional safety packages to support ISO 26262 compliance requirements.

Microchip showcased its high-accuracy and low-power sensors at Sensors Converge.


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