Industrial connector series for HEVs and heavy equipment applications

Amphenol ePower-Lite, available now from TTI Europe, is a plastic power connector series intended to be employed in the HEV and heavy equipment markets. The two-pole, three-pole, and four-pole connectors incorporate patented RADSOK technology which gives higher amperage, lower T-rise and voltage drop, and less resistance. RADSOK’s twisted grid configuration provides for up to 50% more current to pass through the same size pin while giving increased reliability and cycle durability, and lower mating forces.

The compact plastic shell structure is lightweight with a small footprint. There is a 3.6mm and 5.7mm version which are able to carry current up to 70A to 120A. They are field installable and repairable. A low-cost alternative as an ePower-Lite Mini version is available, which is a fit for low-speed markets and low-cost needs. These attributes make the solution robust a solution for the EV and Hybrid markets.

Typical applications include PTC/AC to DC and related control boxes, power distribution units, battery management system, on-board chargers, inverters, and DC-DC converters.