Integrated code development toolbox

Integrated code development toolbox

Integrated code development toolbox

Green Hills Software is making available the MULTI Toolbox for Embedded Code, enabling engineers to develop and deploy MathWorks’ Simulink and MATLAB models on a wide range of embedded processors.

The integration will provide software engineers who develop algorithms in MATLAB and Simulink with a simple and safety-qualified way to develop, debug, optimise and deploy their programs across thousands of embedded processors supported by Green Hills.

The MULTI Toolbox connects Simulink and MATLAB on the desktop with the MULTI integrated development environment (IDE) that comprehends and controls embedded target processors. On the desktop, users develop Simulink and MATLAB models and generate C/C++ source code. MULTI then compiles, connects and runs the optimised binaries on either the target processor, or on the MULTI IDE’s built-in embedded core simulator.

MULTI then feeds back results to Simulink via Processor-In-the-Loop (PIL), enabling the user to visualise the results or to confirm programmatically that results from Simulink algorithms on the workstation match the actual results run on the embedded processor.

“Connecting Simulink to embedded simulators and debuggers is the next milestone in our customers’ desire to move testing and verification from the field to the lab to the desktop,” said Tom Erkkinen, Product Manager, Embedded Code Generation at MathWorks. “Green Hills shares this vision and has worked closely with MathWorks to develop its MULTI Toolbox for Embedded Coder. As online collaboration continues to grow, the need for virtual testing and development environments will accelerate.”

Once the program completes, users can run, debug and analyse the program at any point in its execution using MULTI and the TimeMachine debugger.

The MULTI Toolbox supports thousands of 32- and 64-bit embedded processors from leading processor manufacturers, including NXP, Renesas, Qualcomm, TI and Microchip.