Integrated system solution provides a wide variety of vehicle interconnections

The Aptive CTCS (Compact Transportation Connection System) family, available now from TTI Europe, offers an integrated system solution to an extensive variety of vehicle interconnections, from sealed on-engine applications, to options with flame-retardant material, to performance-boosting accessories. It was created to meet or surpass various industry and customer validation standards and produce improved performance over the competition.

This heavy-duty connection system gives superior resistance against vibration and environmental forces, preserving the integrity of the electrical system from high operating temperatures, debris, and water. It serves as a stable backbone to all vehicle electronics, including powertrain, safety, entertainment, and telematics.

The XP series has been created for extra performances. It provides a pre-staged locking mechanism to assist in proper mating. The slider lock is securely retained and only released upon installation onto the mating connector.

The solution is ideal for virtually every sealed application in a vehicle including the engine compartment, chassis and on-engine.