Laser Cutter Deluxe

Laser Cutter Deluxe

Fluffy dolls, sofa pillow, they are soft and lovely, warn and comfortable, loved by consumers. Especially women who always love high-quality, comfortable and lovely fabric products. Therefore, Laser Cutter Deluxe are developed by Han’s Yueming Laser to meet the challenges facing fabric products manufacturers.

The reason of plush products popular
Take plush dolls for example, it is made of plush fabric and other textile material and padding a variety of fillings in the interior. It’s with adorable, soft and comfortable and not afraid of extrusion, easy to clean, decorative and has widely applicable crowd. Therefore a series of plush products gradually get people’s favorite such as dolls, pillows, and even clothing.
 New plush fabric laser cutter
Han’s Yueming CMA1910-T double head laser Cutting Machine also known as plush fabric laser cutting machine. This model Han’s Yueming laser cutter’s software design, mechanical construction, electrical performance to the accessories selection are definitely a good helper of plush fabric processing.

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