Led lamp laser marking machine, lighting up your wonderful life

Led lamp laser marking machine, lighting up your wonderful life

In recently, in lighting industry identify industry, it has a new led lamp laser marking machine – Han’s Yueming led lamp laser marking machine that is intelligent, automatically and efficient, which become the focus of the market. It will lead lighting industry to illuminate our live. 


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As it name implies, led lamp laser marking machine is an automated laser marker special used on bulb marking which can auto run and save labor. It is designed for all kinds of light bulbs, lamp, lamp holder automatic marking.  MF20-L-A bulb holder laser marking machine adopted the popular robot production technology that can automatically detect and automatic loading and unloading, which can minimize labor. I believe will be widely used in the lighting industry. 

In China, the development of lighting industry is particularly rapid, lighting products production and export of energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamps are in the top of world. More and more world-renowned lighting companies are purchasing or OEM production in China. China has become the world’s largest lighting producer. So you can see that Han’s Yueming led lamp laser marking machine become the new darling of lighting industry from it born. 


High performance fiber laser generator, digital high speed and precision galvanometer, and the whole sheet metal protective cover and so on. All this reveals the advantages of bulb laser marking machine. As the laser machine can automatically monitor, it can reduce one operation person, while it can automatic feeding that can save one more labor. On a production line, the led lamp laser marking machine can save  labors which reduce production cost and improve productivity. 

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