Let intelligence add points to health! How will 5G… 2021-11-24 10:57

Let intelligence add points to health!  How will 5G… 2021-11-24 10:57

In the past, when a patient in Xinjiang needed to undergo gastroscopy by Shanghai’s top experts, he and his family members had to travel to Shanghai by boat. After a checkup, it not only costs a lot but also makes the whole family exhausted. Now, with the continuous development of smart medical care, the feasibility of remote diagnosis of magnetically controlled capsule gastroscope under the 5G platform has been confirmed. As long as the hospital in front of the home in Xinjiang, through the advanced 5G magnetic control capsule gastroscope remote diagnosis, they can obtain the diagnosis resources of Shanghai’s top experts. This not only ensures the timeliness, accuracy and convenience of the examination, but also enables the grassroots and border areas Early diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal tumors in the region has greatly improved work efficiency. Shanghai Tongji Hospital has regularly carried out 5G telemedicine with Karamay Central Hospital. The distance of thousands of miles no longer becomes an obstacle to sharing high-quality medical resources.

In recent years, 5G+ medical and health policies have been promulgated one after another, and application scenarios have continued to increase, accelerating the construction, application and industrial development of 5G in the medical industry. Entering the 5G era, 4K/8K long-distance high-definition visits and high-speed confidential transmission and sharing of medical image data have become a reality. Medical experts thousands of miles away can conduct diagnosis at any time, which solves the inadequate supply and distribution of high-quality medical resources in the past. Patients can enjoy high-quality medical services from first-tier cities at their doorsteps. At the same time, for doctors, the addition of 5G technology is conducive to the exchange of professional services between different regions and different hospitals, and the accelerated exchange of information helps doctors have More opportunities to communicate and improve the level of medical services. In addition, in terms of internal management of hospitals, the empowerment of 5G technology can help hospitals achieve refined management at low cost and achieve the “three modernizations” upgrade of “comprehensive perception digitization, panoramic visualization in the cloud, and global linkage intelligence”.

Undoubtedly, in the 5G medical era, people can enjoy high-quality medical resources more conveniently, and hospitals and doctors also have brand-new development opportunities. It can be said that the emergence of 5G has enabled the medical industry to develop in a higher quality, more flexible, and more affordable direction. But at the same time, how to continuously upgrade and promote the application of 5G in the medical and health field requires the joint efforts of the entire industry. So, with regard to 5G smart medical care, what are the possibilities in the future?

In order to promote the application and integration of 5G technology in the medical field, recently, the 4th “Blooming Cup” 5G Application Contest hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was officially launched in Beijing. In this contest, the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology The medical and health competition hosted by China Telecom has the theme of “Smart Medical·Smart Health”, which aims to play a leading role in industry demand, actively respond to the national “Healthy China 2030” strategy with technological application innovation, and promote the development of medical health and information technology. Innovation and integration. Innovative applications in the field of 5G medical and health care from all walks of life in the whole society, and all smart medical and health projects related to 5G applications can be registered.

If you have unique insights or technological innovation ideas for 5G smart medical care, don’t hesitate, you are the next person to change the medical field!The call for this round of medical and health special competitions ends before 24:00 on July 15, 2021, please log in to the official website as soon as possible

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