Lithium button cells for the world's smallest wireless sensor

VARTA is empowering technologies of the future in the form of primary lithium button cells by providing the cells to Disruptive Technologies.

Disruptive Technologies manufactures the world’s smallest wireless sensors. These IoT sensors are tiny, robust, low cost and scalable with long battery life. VARTA provides the primary lithium coin cell CR1216, which allows the small size of the sensor through special battery assembly and low weight. A custom connection to the battery is offered by them to provide for a miniaturised sensor design. Due to low internal resistance, a high pulse load is able to take place. The button cell provides a runtime of up to 15 years and a low self-discharge for long storage and operating time. It resists a wide temperature range and operates with UL certification.

“The high and repeatable quality of the button cells with customised pin tags was the main criterion for selecting VARTA as supplier”, says Oystein Moldsvor, VP of Engineering at Disruptive Technologies.

The company is developing battery solutions for the future that enable others to make their products even better – and that determines smaller, more powerful, and more independent.