M8/M12 distribution solutions for simplified and cost-saving cabling solutions

Provertha has produced a compact, fully shielded distribution system for M8/M12 cabling. Multiple cables can be combined utilising circular connectors so that signal and power transmission can now be achieved over long distances through a single cable. This simplifies the connection of the equipment to the cable networks and serves to save costs.

The solution is a flexibly adaptable plug-and-play system that can optimise the cabling very specifically depending on the application. As with a modular system, the system is based on standard components for pluggable M8, M12 or direct cable connection. This is why the company can respond swiftly and easily to individual customer requests and implement specific M8/M12 distributor boxes to simplify installation in the applications.

Thanks to the new distribution solution, combining cables with M8 and M12 circular connectors is no longer a problem. For example, in industrial automation, three M8 connections can be consolidated in one M12 cable. This indicates that actuator and sensor connections can be bundled speedily and easily. Another interesting function is the use of a connection for an extra separate voltage feed, which can be employed for switchable actuators, for example.

In industrial automation and railway technology, extremely long connection distances can now be achieved with one cable instead of several, thanks to the company’s distribution solutions. There are many feasible combinations. The housing provides a maximum of six different connection options, whereby a mixed configuration with M8 and M12 connectors or cables is also possible.

In contrast to conventional I/O distributor boxes (splitters), the plug connections on the distributor box (splitter) can also be furnished with a rotatable lock. For example, sensors with a cable end or a fixed thread can also be connected straight to the distributor box. The crimp flange/crimp sleeve system assures excellent protection against shock, vibration and torsion when connecting cables with diameters from 4mm to 14mm.