MEMS analogue piezoelectric accelerometer

MEMS analogue piezoelectric accelerometer

The VA1210 offers higher sensitivity (+17 dB) and higher (+6 dB) SNR than the 1st generation VA1200 in voice pickup.

Additionally, new intelligent features of Wake-on-Voice (WoV) and hardware voice activity detection (HVAD) are introduced into the VA1210. 

With WoV, the VA1210 can continuously monitor the TWS wearer for voice activity via bone conduction while consuming 10 µA of current thanks to Vesper’s patented ZeroPower Sensing (ZPS) technology.

The VA1210 can accurately detect voice activity and only power on the system processor when voice is present.

This gives TWS and other system designers the opportunity to dramatically cut average power consumption. 

In addition to being used as a bone conduction mic, the VA1210 is a low noise, high bandwidth, low power accelerometer for detecting vibration in IoT, Automotive and industrial applications.

The ZPS engine can be programmed to suit the desired use case.

Examples of applications include, large area touch sensing, machine monitoring, leak detection and many others. 

The VA1210 comes in the same package (2.90×2.76×0.9mm3) as the VA1200. The VA1210 has differential analogue output allowing more robust hardware designs. It is reflow solder compatible with no sensitivity degradation. 

Target applications for the VA1210 include: Earbuds, TWS (True Wireless Stereo), VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), Smart-frames and Smart-glasses, industrial, automotive and IoT devices.

VA1210’s features in the TWS application include High-Fidelity VPU, Automate, Tap Detection, Voice Authentication.

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