MEMS-based inertial sensors for high-precision positioning

Murata has released a MEMS-based inertial sensor with a digital SPI interface for high-precision industrial machine control and GNSS positioning support. The device is available now from TTI Europe. An accelerometer is employed to measure the angle of inclination relative to the centre of the earth, and a gyroscope is utilised to measure the speed that the angle changes. The product delivers the highest performance available on a component level in key parameters like bias stability and noise.

Achieving positional adjustments is an excellent application for our accelerometers and gyroscopes. Stability, noise and immunity to mechanical shock, all of which are vital for such precision agricultural applications involving moving heavy machinery over undulating terrain. Thus, the slope, direction of movement, and the change of the slope can be accurately measured.

Typical applications include heavy machines such as agricultural machines, auto-steering, GPS positioning and guidance, and robotics and drones.