NEC NL10276BC20-10

NEC NL10276BC20-10 NEC NL10276BC20-10 NEC NL10276BC20-10 NEC NL10276BC20-10

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Color LCD module NL10276BC20-10 is composed of the amorphous silicon thin film transistor
liquid crystal Display (a-Si TFT LCD) Panel structure with driver LSIs for driving the TFT (Thin Film
transistor) array and a backlight.
The a-Si TFT LCD panel structure is injected liquid crystal material into a narrow gap between the
TFT array glass substrate and a color-filter glass substrate.
Color (Red, Green, Blue) data signals from a host system (e.g. signal generator, etc.) are modulated
into best form for active matrix system by a signal processing board, and sent to the driver LSIs which
drive the individual TFT arrays.
The TFT array as an electro-optical switch regulates the amount of transmitted light from the
backlight assembly, when it is controlled by data signals. Color images are created by regulating the
amount of transmitted light through the TFT array of red, green and blue dots.
• For industrial use
• Adoption of SR-NLT (Super-Reflective Natural Light TFT) (Transflective type)
• Wide temperature range
• LVDS interface
• Reversible-scan direction
• Selectable 8bit or 6bit digital signals for data of RGB
• LED backlight type
• Replaceable lamp for backlight
• Acquisition product for UL60950-1 /CSA C22.2 No.60950-1-03 (File number: E170632)
• Compliance with the European RoHS directive (2002/95/EC)

Display area  210.432 (H) × 157.824 (V) mm
Diagonal size of display  26cm (10.4 inches)
Drive system  a-Si TFT active matrix
Display color 16,777,216 colors (At 8-bit input, FRC terminal= High)
262,144 colors (At 6-bit input, FRC terminal= Low or Open)
Pixel  1,024 (H) × 768 (V) pixels
Pixel arrangement  RGB (Red dot, Green dot, Blue dot) vertical stripe
Dot pitch  0.0685 (H) × 0.2055 (V) mm
Pixel pitch  0.2055 (H) × 0.2055 (V) mm
Module size  228.0 (W) × 178.5 (H) × 8.7 (D) mm (typ.)
Weight  380 g (typ.)
At transmissive mode, IL= 40mA/One circuit
150:1 (typ.)
Contrast ratio:  At reflective mode
                        15:1 (typ.)
Viewing angle: At the contrast ratio  ≥ 10:1
                          • Horizontal: Right side 20° (typ.), Left side 25° (typ.)
                          • Vertical: Up side 25° (typ.), Down side 20° (typ.)
Designed viewing direction:  At DPS= Low or Open: Normal scan
                                              • Viewing direction without image reversal: Down side (6 o'clock)
                                              • Viewing direction with contrast peak: Up side (12 o'clock)
                                              • Viewing angle with optimum grayscale (γ≒2.2): Normal axis
Polarizer surface  Clear
Polarizer pencil-hardness  3H (min.) [by JIS K5400]
Color gamut:    At transmissive mode, LCD panel center
                         40 % (typ.) [against NTSC color space]
Response time): 30 ms (typ.)
Luminance:  175 cd/m 2 (typ.)
Signal system: LVDS 1port (Receiver: THC63LVDF84B, THine Electronics Inc. or equivalent)
                        8bit/6bit digital signals for data of RGB colors, Dot clock (CLK),
                         Data enable (DE)
Power supply voltage  LCD panel signal processing board: 3.3V
Backlight  LED backlight type: Replaceable part  • Lamp holder set: Type No. 104LHS50
Power consumption At IL= 40mA/One circuit, Checkered flag pattern  5.9 W (typ.)

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