New heatsinks cool hot components from sizes of 27mm to 70mm

Advanced Thermal Solutions offers fanSINKS heat sinks for components ranging in sizes from 27mm to 70mm square. The wider size range includes hot Semiconductor components, including FPGAs, ASICS and other package types used in telecomm, optics, test/measurement, defence and other applications.

The heatsinks feature cross-cut, straight aluminium fins. They support omnidirectional airflow for maximum cooling performance from attached fans and ambient air. The sinks are offered with a pre-assembled thermal interface material to optimise heat transfer.

The devices attach securely to components using the company’s proven maxiGRIP high-reliability mechanical attachment system. The system includes a high-performance plastic frame clip and a stainless-steel spring clip. For larger components, the devices mount tightly to PCBs utilising provided PEM pushpins that secure into 3mm through holes.

Each heatsink needs its own fan, which should be chosen based on the cooling application. Fans by Delta, Sunon, San Ace and other manufacturers are vetted by ATS engineers for deployment in cooling applications. For secure fan attachment, it offers stainless steel mounting screws in a range of lengths for different fan heights. The screws secure the fan into pre-drilled holes in the base of the heatsink.