New metal alloy power resistors offer true four-terminal connection

TT Electronics has released the LRMAP4026 series low resistance metal alloy power resistors intended for power supply, motor drive, and battery monitoring applications. This Resistor series offers four-terminal Kelvin precision and high current capacity to all industrial applications, including automotive. As four-terminal Kelvin connections improve accuracy, only a tiny portion of a design’s error budget is consumed, facilitating greater design freedom elsewhere in the circuit. The gullwing design delivers spacing from the PCB, which minimises the board temperature rise and improves reliability of the assembly.  

“The electron-beam welded SMT shunt LRMAP4026 is the latest addition to TT’s growing portfolio of SMT current sense resistors with AEC-Q200 qualification,” said Brian Stephenson, director of Engineering, TT Electronics. “This new series helps our customers achieve accurate and stable current measurement, providing resiliency to surges whilst controlling the amount of heat entering the PCB tracks.”  

It offers up to 5W in a 4026 footprint. Offered in seven values from 0.2 to 3mOhm, these resistors provide designers with a high degree of flexibility in a rugged component, offering a wide temperature range of -65C to +170C, ideal for demanding applications. The four-terminal design permits complete separation of the current path and voltage sense – decreasing the difference between unmounted and mounted resistance and TCR values, a typical problem with two-terminal types.  

With 1% tolerance and TCR of 50ppm/C, this product blends precision with the high surge capacity of metal alloy technology. Its high surge tolerance ensures reliable performance under inrush and momentary short circuit conditions.