New vaccine temperature indicator avoids wastage of vaccine supplies

Timestrip has introduced a new temperature indicator that aids healthcare professionals to avoid wastage of vaccines. Travelling with packs of vaccine vials, the Vaccine Freezer Monitor ‘VFM -7C’ is activated just when monitoring is needed.

The indicator is started just by pressing a button on the back and can then instantly be placed in the packaging together with the frozen vaccine vials. From then on, it follows the temperature accurately and shows a clear alert if temperatures rise above -7C.

A built-in window shows the duration of the breach up to 72 hours, but should temperatures rise above the -7C set point, the window will fill faster, mirroring the impact of temperature on delicate vaccines.

It can be activated at any point in the cold chain. The liquid-based indicators are inert before use and can be stored in freezer, fridge or room temperature. As well as vaccines, the indicators can be employed to protect other sensitive pharmaceutical products.

The smart labels are provided with a leaflet explaining their correct use and represent a highly cost-effective solution for vials of typically 20-40 per outer pack.

“Use of the VFM -7C avoids vaccine wastage and ensures vaccine efficacy is not compromised,” said Nora Murphy, commercial director of Timestrip. “It also encourages sound quality procedures throughout storage and transport of the valuable vaccine supplies.”

Originally produced as a custom indicator, it is now offered for more widespread use in monitoring sensitive pharma products.