New variable gain amplifiers deliver excellent performance

Pasternack offers a new series of variable gain amplifiers to address applications comprising instrumentation, sensors, automatic gain control loops, radar, wireless communications, and more.

These devices offer designers the capability to vary the level of the broadband gain response utilising a DC voltage control and provide unmatched performance for signal chains that need a high dynamic range.

These 12 new variable gain amplifiers provide continuously variable gain control of 20dB typical over the complete frequency band, which gives designers increased dynamic range and the capacity to set signal levels. These new designs include using GaAs FET and MMIC fixed-gain modules to produce low-noise figures and medium-output power over the whole frequency band.

“Our new variable gain amplifiers offer continuously variable gain control of 20dB over the entire frequency band, which results in increased dynamic range and the ability to set signal levels and optimise system-level performance. Additionally, their compact integrated assembly design reduces component count and system complexity,” said Tim Galla, product line manager.

These amplifiers are provided in rugged mil-grade coaxial packages that support female SMA or 2.92mm connectors. They are intended to satisfy a series of environmental conditions incorporating altitude, vibration, humidity and shock. Further features include broadband frequencies ranging from 500MHz to 40GHz, high gain of 45dB typical, variable gain control of 20dB typical with 0V to +5V control voltage, a noise figure of 3.5dB typical, and output P1dB of 10dBm to 15dBm typical.